Coverhood – what are we about? We are all about active wear for water sports enthusiasts. Surf ponchos, hooded towels, surf changing robes, call it what you want. Our surf clothing serves several purposes. One of them is to get warm after a long surfing or wakeboarding session (or whatever you do in the water!).

Our product works as a cozy surf hoodie as well, but that’s not all. How does a hooded towel sound? Well, we hope it sounds good to you because Coverhood surf towels dry you up and are quick to dry themselves, so you will not have to carry around damp towels.

Our poncho towels also work as spacious changing robes, giving you privacy to change clothes anywhere. We tried making unisex surf poncho towels to fit most adult body sizes or genders. So get yours, and make your pre and post surfing time much better!